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Finally, Learn How To Win Clients Without Selling!


FREE WEBINAR: 5 Secrets to Having a
6-Figure Coaching Business Without All The Stress of Selling



This complimentary training is for coaches and consultants who want to greatly increase their income and number of clients, but without having to sell.

What if getting people paying you $1,000 or more for coaching or consulting was actually EASIER than you thought? 


On this webinar, I’ll be revealing private information on how I took more than 22 coaches, psychologists and consultants who hated selling, and got them winning more high-paying clients than they ever thought possible… without ever having to sell.. 

I'll expose some of the biggest shortcuts and best strategies for landing high-paying clients – even if you hate selling and are not yet well-known in your field.

  • How to get $1,000 to $10,000 for a consulting gig even if you’ve never been paid that much before.
  • The truth about who your best client really is (Hint: I bet it’s not who you think).
  • What six-figure coaches know about winning clients that you don’t.
  • A simple strategy for grabbing a high-paying client from the first words you speak.
  • What most coaches don’t know about how to turn someone who’s interested into a paying client almost instantly.
  • Why most social media is a waste of time and money, and what you can do instead.
  • This special training session will be very fast-paced and interactive.

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Wed., August 19th
10:00 AM Pacific

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