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Do you have a disadvantage in life simply because you don't know how to PERSUADE effectively (and you don't even realize it)?

What if suddenly, you were better at persuading your clients, your coworkers, your family members and just about everyone else, on virtually any topic? And what if you could do all that starting tomorrow?  Would that change your life?

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Here for the first time is a program that teaches you HOW TO INFLUENCE, PERSUADE AND SELL ANYONE... faster than you ever thought possible.

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For more than a decade, I've been featured in major media. But it wasn't always like that...

I was horrible at selling...
then, guess what happened?

I'm Jim Bond, one of the nation's leading behavioral management specialists.

But it wasn't always like this.

When I started out, I hated trying to sell people on my ideas or services, because I sucked at it.

I knew I was offering something valuable. But I lacked confidence that I could present my ideas in a way that others would accept. It was frustrating.

How I Gained a Superpower

Then something incredible happened, that changed my life forever.

It was five simple questions.

That's it? All I had to do was "put my listener on the spot," with a few well-chosen questions, and suddenly, I had more confidence and influence in how I presented, and my results shot through the roof!

This is absolutely NOT about manipulation. Instead, it's about the normal sequence of human behavior that makes it easier for someone to accept your ideas.

Suddenly, I became more like a doctor solving a patient's problem, than a car salesman selling a car.

Could Persuasion Be This Simple...

The point of this is NOT about asking questions.

It's about the human nature of receptivity... the systems inside us that increase and decrease how receptive we are to ideas.

This breakthrough sparked, what became my lifelong research into the art and science of human behavior.

Over the next three decades, I discovered that the concept of trigger-questions is just one of 21 powerful techniques of human persuasion, that radically simplify our ability to influence just about anyone, in ways we never expected.

It Was Incredible... Even the Toughest Critic Was Suddenly More Receptive to Our Ideas

As a result, I've been able to apply these breakthroughs to a who's who of American business. Through my work with the U.S. Small Business Administration, I've also been able to share them with thousands of entrepreneurs.

These breakthroughs have proven valuable in helping some of the world's top advertisers get more people to buy, in helping major companies boost sales, even from their best performers, and, in a strange way, in helping managements change the behaviors of their top people.

Better ad results... higher sales (even from people who hated selling)... fewer personal conflicts, and more!

That's how powerful this is!

And now I'd like to share the breakthroughs with you, in this new program.

Called IN-fluence™... this revolutionary program reveals the secrets to getting INside your listener's head, so it's easier to influence, persuade and sell them something that would benefit them, if only you could explain it in a way they were comfortable accepting.

Why IN-fluence™? Because this program will make you "fluent" in the language and technology that gets you IN your listener's head...

Learn All This and More... From One of America's Top Behavioral Management and Business Experts

Thousands of people have attended my seminars and workshops. But you can enjoy this valuable life-changing information at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

Recorded live in one of my standing-room-only 3-hour workshops, I share secrets that will help you grow your income and simplify your life almost immediately.

These include:

  • The 3 questions that MUST be answered before anyone can say Yes to you (the second question is a surprise to most people);
  • The 5-word statement that will turn a No into a Yes almost every time (something you should prepare for BEFORE you begin a presentation);
  • How beginning with the right question can set the stage for an easier agreement (and how to choose the one question that opens their mind and lowers their resistance);
  • And more...

You won't just gain powerful tools and strategies. As you watch the videos, you'll be learning fast-start tips you can apply almost instantly.

You'll Be Turning NO Into YES Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible... by Doing This!

Here, for the first time, are easy ways to get inside the decision-centers of your listener's brain, enabling you to influence, persuade and sell just about anyone, with confidence.

Here's a sampling of what you'll learn, in just the first few minutes:

  • EXPECTATION: How to PREPARE your listener to say YES, right from the first words you say;
  • TRIGGERS: Words and phrases you MUST avoid, because they turn your listener off to your idea... without even realizing it;
  • TRUTH: How SURPRISING your listener with a "truth" right from the start can not only simplify your ability to persuade, but will often turn them into a supporter of your product or idea, even BEFORE you finish telling them what you want;
  • BOOMERANG: How to turn your listener's resistance… into THE exact reason they will say YES;
  • EYE-CONTACT: Exposing the MYTH about eye-contact in your presentations;
  • ADMIT-TO-YES: Which easy-truths you want your listener to ADMIT right from the start, that will get them agreeing with you, especially on complicated or uncomfortable issues;
  • PERSPECTIVE: How altering their reference-point will instantly make them receptive, even to an idea that might otherwise turn them off;
  • MIND-OPENERS: How "STARTING where they are, then bringing them to where you are," will INSTANTLY make them more agreeable to your idea or proposal, even if they were initially resistant;
  • WHY: The power of 5-WHY in getting your listener to talk THEMSELF into your idea or product… without you having to do most of the work;
  • NO: How agreeing with their NO will make it easier to get a YES;
  • TEMPERATURE: A REFLEX you can quickly learn that lets you monitor your listener throughout your presentation, so you can catch even the SLIGHTEST disagreement or issue at the moment it arises, rather than waiting for it to get so big that it becomes impossible to get a YES, when you finally ask for a decision;
  • And much more.

Now you can enjoy this life-changing program at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

Why Struggle When This Can Be So Easy?

Think of all the times you wish you did a better job selling your idea or explaining something that was important to you. Isn’t it time to change all that, and finally turn yourself into a more influential presenter?

Absolutely! If not now, when???

Look at all that’s included in this fast-paced program…

  • The Power of IN-Fluence™
  • The Comedy of Persuasion
  • Quick-Start Secrets
  • Setting "Expectation"
  • 7 Tools of Instant Credibility
  • 6 Reasons People Say Yes
  • 7 Tools that Win a Yes
  • Applying This to Your Life
  • Additional Resources

Through 29 short videos (2½ hours of live content) explaining each of the tools, and the Action Guide with simple exercises, you will quickly find yourself using these secrets in your day-to-day dealing with co-workers and family, while applying them to the more intense interactions you have with clients and bosses.

Try It Risk-Free for Up to 60 Days!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe this will be one of the most important programs you've ever experienced. It will inspire you, coach you and guide you in your personal and professional life, in ways you never expected.

All I ask is that you try it for up to 60 days.

If this isn't everything you expected and more, let me know within 60 days and you'll get a full refund.

It's that simple.

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Added Bonus – If You Act Today!

To give you a good reason to act right now, I'm also including HOW TO ANSWER TOUGH QUESTIONS with EASE! to my early responders.

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Has anyone ever thrown a question at you that you were uncomfortable or unwilling to answer? Maybe a boss, or a client?

How would you like 7 of the most powerful ways to respond to virtually any tough question that anyone could throw at you?

I've even been on radio and TV shows where someone threw an unexpected and embarrassing question at me, and suddenly, I was able to politely turn the tables on them.

In just a few minutes, you will become a champ at conquering the toughest questions anyone could throw at you, with this Quick-Read-Guide that's included, if you act now.

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1. How to Influence, Persuade and Sell Anyone 

(Including more than 2 1/2 hours of live-recorded videos, an Action Guide, Fast-Start Tips, and Techniques you can start using almost immediately!

Remember, this isn't just something you use with your clients and boss. Once you realize how powerful this is, you'll also be using it with your family and friends, your co-workers, and everyone else, to simplify your life.

All this revolves around the 21 Behavioral Secrets of Human Persuasion That Get You Inside Your Listener's Head...  this will change your life, guaranteed!)

Plus, you get the fast-action bonus.

2. How to Answer Tough Questions with EASE!


By itself, IN-fluence is a $199 immersive program.

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U.S. Management, LLC

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James I. Bond
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IN-Fluence™ – The Art and Science of Persuasion!
(U.S. Management, LLC)


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With today's special offer you get the complete $199 program for just $17...

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The Success Stories Have Been Fantastic!

From work-at-home moms to CEOs of major organizations, I've had the great fortune to help literally thousands of people, young and old, on their road to an easier life.

Here are a few of the hundreds of comments from my unique methods over the years, in their own words...

Mike Scotto

"Jim Bond is one of those rare marketing specialist who can combine years of experience and expertise with common sense, and put it all in a way and language that even the least knowledgeable can understand and use."

Mike Scotto, Chairman Emeritus, SCORE Ventura County / National Advisory Council, Past Director of Marketing, JC Penny (division)
Jim Swieca

"I had the privilege of attending James' (workshop)... What I was most impressed with is his common-sense approach... that many of us... seem to have forgotten."

Jim Swieca, Account Manager at Impress Communications
Kathleen Gallavan

"These skills aren't learned in school... you forced us to stretch, to try things out of our comfort zone... That's where this process really adds value."

Kathleen Gallavan, Director, MIS Div. of British General Electric
Dr. Ryan Sharma

"Mr. Bond's presentation... was superb. His advice was straightforward, clear, comprehensive, and practical.
His sense of humor made learning this... easy and enjoyable."

Dr. Ryan Sharma, Director of Clinical Training (Southern California University)