Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From James I. Bond

Marketing Tips and Tricks for Top Coaches

Three Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Coaching Income
What if you could add a few simple things to what you say and what you do, and suddenly... you dramatically increase your coaching or consulting income?

Here for the first time, one of the nation's top marketing, management and strategic planning coaches, James I. Bond, will share three powerful secrets he used to build one of the West Coast's most prestigious consulting businesses – employing four PhDs and more than 20 consultants from the nation's top consulting houses.

Gain a competitive advantage by using groundbreaking techniques used by just a handful of the nation's top experts.

In this info-packed webinar you will learn:

  • ŸThe 5 big questions you need to ask EVERY business client, that will stump them so much they’ll have to hire you;
  • The powerful "twist" that causes some people to make a ton of money in business while everyone else is struggling or just getting by...

    This is a simple, repeatable twist you can apply to your own clients (and to yourself), that simplifies the process of bringing in truckloads of new business, easier and faster than most people thought possible;

  • Eight ways to boost your credibility... so prospects TRUST you enough that they immediately want to become your client;
  • Your most important tool as a consultant... how using this one technique will transform prospects to buyers before your eyes;
  • And much more!

Come to this session armed with your questions. You'll be able to submit your questions for a live Q&A during the call.

Don't let yourself suddenly experience a competitive disadvantage by NOT knowing this important information.

If you're serious about wanting to boost your coaching income to even greater heights with almost no additional effort, then join me for this potentially life-changing webinar! Attendance is limited, so you’ll need to sign up as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 11th
At 11:00 AM (PST)

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