Praise for Ronnie Tsunami

Just one hour with Ronnie has helped me take what I know and turn it into a marketable, “Signature System”. After years of knowing that I had something great to offer, but not really knowing how to do it online, I finally have a PLAN to go with my dream. I am so grateful and excited, I can hardly believe it.

– Carrie Roldan


Ronnie… gave amazing feedback, tips and support on how I can improve many things on my [web]site. He’s a technological genius and has a big heart to match! Thank you Ronnie!

– Michael S


Ronnie combines an extensive knowledge of web technology, digital marketing and branding with heart and skill. He is definitely one of the top experts in his niche and is super-smart, energetic, patient and an excellent listener. If you need help launching your business quickly or just want to figure out how to better leverage digital technology, talk to him right away. He was a source of encouragement to me whilst I worked on my last launch and provided additional insights on market needs.

– Ogo Ogbata


Ronnie… was able to give me a step by step blueprint for the brand and marketing for my business to reach million dollar status much faster than I anticipated!

– Sylvia Coleman, Queen of Incentives


Ronnie’s ideas and inspiration opened my eyes to… a business solution I had not considered. If this goes as planned, it will change my life. Thank you so much Ronnie. I look forward to ongoing interaction with you as I go forward with this!

– James B


After experiencing the “Tsunami” coaching of Ronnie Tsunami, I can truly appreciate the name His rapid fire questioning led me to formulate a whole new direction for my signature product. He led me to realize that what was just background to me was a valuable skill set that many others needed. If you want to laser in on what you best have to offer, I highly recommend you call Ronnie today. Thank you Ronnie! You are amazing!

– Sylvia Runkle


I have been in the beginning stages of writing my program and was having difficulty identifying my niche. I had spent countless hours trying to accomplish this most important first step. Ronnie Tsunami spent about 70 minutes discussing the goals of my program. He listened closely to me explain my vision. Through his coaching, which was gentle but direct, I have my niche. Ronnie didn’t stop there. He immediately presented me with a plan to easily and economically create an audio product as well as an eBook out of my initial work. What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to work with this heart centered, passionate professional. I will be working with Ronnie again in the near future, employing his technical expertise as I get closer to my finished product.

– Mary P


Just under two hours of coaching from Ronnie Tsunami has helped me become more clear about, and focused on, my program and business plan than I have ever been. Ronnie managed to understand my vision, break it down into workable components, and add creative input. I can’t say enough good things about Ronnie and his fresh, genuine and caring approach to coaching. His generous spirit and passion for helping others succeed is evident in all that he does. I’m so grateful for his knowledge, training and support.

– Lori Dean


Ronnie Tsunami listened to my overall concept of what I wanted to create and within minutes had created a sales funnel for me that will address and meet the needs of my clients. He helped me to re-define a niche that was profitable for me and would most benefit my clients based on my expertise. Working with Ronnie will allow me to play a bigger game and take my business to a whole new level that I only dared imagine.

– Catherine Sternberg


Praise for James I. Bond

You brought ideas to the table we wouldn’t have thought of, like all the businesses we could be in… so your process has definitely been important [to the dramatic growth of our business].

– Tom Patterson, Director, Litton Industries


Fast forward 2 years and we have really taken off (thank you for the confidence you gave me to continue to pursue the concept at that time).     We’ve exceeded our sales forecasts and we are operating a solid program.

– Gregg E. Curtis, Production Director, Airealistic, www.venturacircus.com


James is one of the hardest working marketing coaches I have ever experienced. His passion and knowledge make all the difference.

– Robin Thompson, Author, TV Celebrity and Money Coach, www.BudgetWise.com


Our Internet profits shot up from zero to the highest income we’ve ever earned because of the changes we made [from Jim’s suggestions]. It was amazing.

– Pamela Elger-Bond, PetProHealth


James Bond is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to marketing products on the internet. He continues to impress me with his sales, testimonials and expertise. He is my “go-to” guy when I get stuck and need help and feedback on my projects.

– Neal Bertrand, Author and Publisher, Cypress Cove Publishing, http://cypresscovepublishing.com/


Jim’s guidance has been indispensable in helping me redefine my business so it’s much easier for people to hire me.

– Gordon Durich, Media & PR Specialist, Producer and Screenwriter


The passion and diligence James brought to our group was truly inspiring.If you are looking for offline marketing help, online marketing help or just someone to help encourage you to achieve your dreams, James is your man.”

– Ricky Powell, Supervising Associate Director, NBC Universal, Founder, Lifelong Happiness


His vision and enthusiasm helped my business grow not only financially but also creatively, opening exciting new avenues.

– Marie Catherine, Top Celebrity Art Photographer, http://MarieCatherinePhoto.com


Your work was absolutely useful in helping focus our region’s direction on a person-by-person basis.

– Kim Tanner, Vice President, Kennedy/Jenks Engineering