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Could I be a great choice 
for your INSIDE SALES REP position?


Here’s why…

For starters, I teach sales, persuasion and closing, especially with big-ticket items. 

For example, the biggest mistakes most inside reps make are:

  • They don’t ask the right questions, and
  • They are not effective in using their questions to “get inside the head of the prospect” (especially on the phone and especially with big-ticket sales).

It’s inside the buyer’s head that the decision will be made, isn’t it?

Once the prospect is comfortable and trusts us, leading them to the right decision can be tremendously easy.

I also have plenty of experience BUYING online multi-thousand-dollar coaching and training programs, so I understand the process from the buyer’s perspective. If this is ideal in solving their deepest problem, they’d be crazy to delay.

I’m like a doctor. I listen to where it hurts, then I prescribe. And if the price seems a little steep, nothing that’s of real value is cheap.

Call me. Let’s chat for a few minutes.

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My cell phone number is: 805-405-9899
My email is: 

If you’re looking for a rep who brings in a regular stream of income and clients, I could be your easiest call.

All the best.

James I. Bond