Deep-Down, What Do Dads REALLY Feel?

New Book Reveals: How Being Father To A Daughter Is More Complicated Than Most People Realize... ("A Surprise On Many Levels!")


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In this provocative new book, behaviorist James I. Bond takes you on a journey deep inside a man's world (when no woman is in the room)... of hidden feelings, of words unsaid, and a complexity and joy that are too often misunderstood. Through personal interviews and breakthrough research, you will discover unexpected barriers that prevent men from having better relationships with women (and with daughters)... and how to use that to strengthen your own relationships.

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In This New Book You Will Discover...

  • How Dads Accidentally Sabotage Relationships With Their Daughters

    What are the two simple ways a man sabotages his relationships with the women in his life (starting with his own daughter)? By eavesdropping on dads when no woman is in the room, you will begin to recognize the thoughts and feelings beneath a man’s words and silence.
  • How Fear of Women Is More Common Than Most People Realize

    Are the men in your life (starting with your own father) afraid of women in ways you may not realize? Has political correctness caused men to be even more sensitive about how they interact with women, in ways previous generations have not experienced? The answers may surprise you.
  • Weird Rules That Make Relationships With Women Complicated

    Have the rules of verbal and nonverbal communication suddenly become complicated for many men? As a result, do daughters have a mysteriously powerful influence on their fathers, to change his opinion and enable breakthroughs that could otherwise not exist?

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“Surprisingly Candid… Terrifically Rewarding”

“For women, here’s an emotional glimpse into the complex relationship between fathers and their daughters – from a father’s perspective. Being the father of a daughter myself, I was really moved by the joys and heartaches many of these dads were willing to share.”

Steve Harrison, Publisher
Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR)


“…I really enjoyed reading this book…

It helped me understand my dad and our relationship even more.  I highly recommend it for all fathers and daughters… Your relationship will never be the same.”

Joy Hannabass
Readers' Favorite

Did I Misunderstand Who My Father REALLY Was…

“[Reading this book] I learned things I would never have guessed about men. I felt recognized by some of their insights about what a daughter needs (a safe place, guidance, encouragement, love).

I didn't get much of that from my dad.

After reading the interviews in this book, I wonder if my dad wanted to be more involved, but didn't know how.

I think this should be required reading for all dads of daughters, so they don't end up regretting what they missed, and so their daughters can look back later and say, "You were a loving, supportive dad!"

And daughters should read it too, so they know what makes their dad tick.”

Maggie Dennison
Marketing Coach and Writer
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