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Coaches… Say goodbye to all the stress of selling.

Learn how to win new clients without ever having to sell again.


Say Goodbye to All the Stress of “Selling”

The Automatic DOOR-OPENER
for Coaches™ Simplifies
How You Win Clients

…So You Can Finally Start Enjoying
a 6-figure Coaching Business
without Ever Having to Sell Again!


From The Desk of James I. Bond
RE: Winning New Clients the Easy Way – without Selling

A coach once told me, “Selling makes me feel like I’m begging for supper. I hate, hate, hate it!”

Like most coaches, when I started, I also hated having to sell my clients. It just didn’t feel right. I wanted to help these people, but I knew deep-down that I wouldn’t be able to help anyone, unless I sold them first.

I found this troubling. After all, I got into coaching to “help” people, not to “sell” them. 

But I had a family to feed. So I sucked it up and learned to sell, and became very successful.

As my business grew, I hired coaches, psychologists and consultants to help me.

Lo and behold, they had the same fear and discomfort around “selling” that I originally did, and this became a problem that limited our growth.

I realized, if I could make it much easier for them, maybe even “fun,” my income would soar.

By turning the sales process into a coaching process, suddenly everything became easier

After a few months of trial-and-error I discovered, if I could turn the selling process into a coaching process, people would love doing it more, and clients would suddenly be easier to win.

And it worked!

Suddenly, my coaches, psychologists and consultants were finding it so easy to win great clients, the business skyrocketed. Pretty soon we were generating more income than we could ever have imagined, and life was great!

So now I’m offering this incredible process to coaches and consultants… so you never have to sell again

Since my retirement, I’ve noticed how many coaches and consultants are struggling to make the living they really want.

So I’ve decided to finally make this incredible process available.

And that’s why I created this program called the DOOR-OPENER BootCamp for Coaches™.

It’s time to stop doing something you hate… “selling.”

This program is for coaches and consultants who want to boost their income and their number of high-paying clients to the highest levels ever, but without having to sell.

Whether you’re a newbie who’s never had a client before, or a seasoned pro already generating a nice income, I believe this will be one of the most important programs you’ve ever experienced!

In a few short hours, you’ll learn how to attract and win the best clients, easier and faster than you ever thought possible, guaranteed!


My work has proven so valuable, I’ve been featured on major media, including…


The fastest way to win clients without ever having to sell™


Do you want to start making a difference in people’s lives while earning an incredible income?

The DOOR-OPENER BootCamp for Coaches™ uses a foolproof method that transforms the selling process (which everyone hates) into a coaching process (which everyone loves).

Right from the start, prospects will start telling you secrets they are unwilling to share with anyone else… secrets about how badly they need your coaching, to achieve their most important goals!

You’ll also learn how to ATTRACT ideal clients, so they are aware of you and what you offer.

What if getting people to pay you $1,000 and
more for coaching or consulting could
actually be EASIER than you thought?

In this exclusive program, I will reveal private information on how I took more than 22 coaches, psychologists and consultants who hated selling, and got them winning more high-paying clients than they ever thought possible… without ever having to sell…

I’ll expose you to a shortcut to landing high-paying clients – even if you hate selling and are not yet well-known in your field.

In just a few short hours, you’ll learn…

  • How to get $1,000 to $10,000 for a consulting gig, even if you’ve never been paid that much before;
  • A simple way to overcome fear and nervousness, so you can present like a pro, even if you’ve never done anything like this before;
  • The truth about who your best client REALLY is (Hint… I’m willing to bet, it’s not who you think);
  • What six-figure coaches know about how to win clients, that you do not… and guess what, it doesn’t take as much work at you might think;
  • A simple way to grab a high-paying client’s interest… starting with the first words you speak;
  • What most coaches don’t know about how to turn someone who’s slightly interested, into a paying client almost INSTANTLY;
  • Why most social media are a waste of time and money, and what you can do instead;
  • And more…


Here Are Details Of What’s Included…

The DOOR-OPENER BootCamp for Coaches™

(Video Training with a Fast-Action-Guide for Easy Application)

This includes three hours of video training (typically 1-3 minute videos), covering everything you need to win a continuous flow of great clients, faster and easier than ever before…

Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • Secrets to packaging and pricing yourself that attract the best clients;
  • Simplifying how you win clients by understanding how REAL buyers are different from everyone else;
  • The number-one secret to getting the best price from your clients, without having to stress or haggle;
  • A partnering technique that will simplify your marketing.


  • Crafting a “qualifying question” that engages your best prospects right from the first words you say;
  • A simple way to eliminate nervousness almost like magic (this works EVERY time);
  • How to ensure your prospect is comfortable with the buying process.


  • How to transform a simple encounter into a powerful buying experience for your prospect;
  • Creating an emotional “trampoline” so their “WANT” is heightened;
  • A simple way to ask for the appointment that ensures you will get one almost every time.


  • Crafting a set of “engagement questions” that emotionally hook the client, so they are looking forward to hiring you;
  • How to tell them your price in a way that doesn’t shock your buyer or scare them away;
  • The one question that gets buyers to say, “Yes, I’d like to go ahead,” in a way that’s easy and without discomfort to them or to you.


  • How to turn chance encounters into buying sessions;
  • Step-by-step, experiencing the process in action;
  • How to turn an unexpected question or objection a client will throw at you into a buying moment that closes the deal.


  • A powerful way to put yourself in front of ideal buyers without having to pretend to be a salesman;
  • Use your passion to open the right doors;
  • How to wow people with your expertise even before you say a word.


  • Where to go and what to do, so you attract the best clients… 
    Hint… no selling needed;
  • Learn to leverage your community (or industry) outreach so REAL buyers are quickly attracted to you and separated from everyone else;
  • How to use your business card as an important door opener.


  • Social media tips and tricks… which ones to use and how, and which are a total waste of time;
  • Advertising and promotional techniques that win clients with little or no cost;
  • Simple ways to scale your results so you further expand your income without losing your shirt on wasteful promotions.


  • A simple client management system that helps ensure your clients will stay with you for extended periods;
  • Avoiding the biggest mistake that kills long-term clients;
  • A simple technique that keeps clients coming back, month-after-month and year-after-year.


Plus, the Fast-Action-Guide will get you quickly customizing all this, so it’s easy and comfortable for your own skills and personality.

This is based on my $1,600 program…
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ridiculously low price…

People have paid $1,600 for access to this program. However, I’m committed to helping as many coaches as possible. So, I’ve created this self-study video program for just $297.

But… for a limited time, I’m offering this complete $297 program at such a low price that everyone can easily afford it.

If you act today, the entire $297 video program that shows you how to win incredible clients without ever having to sell, plus the Fast-Action-Guide, are available for only $97…


$297    Now Only $97


But there’s more!

First, to ensure that you love the program, I’m including a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.


100% Money Back Guarantee

All I ask is that you try it for up to 30 days. If this is not the most powerful training program for coaches you’ve ever gone through, let me know within 30-days and I’ll give you your money back.

It’s that simple.


Plus… A Special Bonus… When You Act Now

If you order today, I’ll also include the High-Income Blueprint.

High-Income Blueprint includes quick guides and templates on…

  • Building a client funnel that attracts great clients;
  • Using more than a dozen Internet traffic sources;
  • Social Media checklists;
  • and more.

High-Income Blueprint is one of the most important tools you’ll find, for using the Internet to help generate the clients and income you want.

This is a $49 value. But if you order The DOOR-OPENER BootCamp™ video program today, I’ll include it FREE.

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Note: This is an Instant-Access ONLINE course with Videos.

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James I. Bond
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