Twist Test Program

If you’re serious about making more money from your business today AND in the future, then here’s how to realistically DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your number of lucrative customers…

“Go From a Blank Page to a
High Traffic Business Without
Wasting a Fortune on Useless

Whether you have a Large Business, a Small Business, a Home-Based Business or an Internet-Business, the Twist Test™ could be the most important marketing program you’ll ever use. Here’s why…

Do You Want the #1 Way

to Capture More Customers

Than You Ever Thought Possible


…by Spending Less?

  After 35 years of working with virtually every size and type of business as one of the nation’s top growth specialists, I’ve discovered this simple fact…

Most people waste massive amounts of time and money going after too many of the wrong customers who will never buy from you.

That’s nuts when it’s so easy to solve this problem, causing your number of customers to go up while your marketing costs go down, all at the same time.

I can say this because I have so much experience accelerating growth for virtually every size and type of business.

Here’s a sampling…

**Note: results are not typical. Every business and situation is different. However, my processes have worked for so many businesses that I even provide a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee – to make it easy enough that you can try it for yourself (see below).

So, What’s the Secret?

How Do You Get More Customers
…by Spending Less?

If you want to bring in more customers by spending less, here’s all you need to do…

That’s it!

This may seem simplistic, until you realize that most people (including many experts) do the exact opposite.

But it’s much easier than most people realize. And doing it enables you to capture more high-value customers than you ever thought possible, at a much lower cost!

Unfortunately, most marketing programs contain overblown hype instead of addressing this simple powerful concept. That’s why the Twist Test™ was created.

Now, Unlock the Secrets to
Attracting More Customers

With This Simple Addition to Your
Marketing Plan…

The Twist Test™ is a professional-grade marketing system at an affordable price – on how to win and retain your most lucrative customers without losing your shirt on wasteful marketing.

For the first time ever, here’s a simple, step-by-step method for:

  • reducing the obstacles that prevent your customers from buying,
  • sharpening your unique competitive advantage so more people WANT to buy yours,
  • and then, contacting, convincing and converting these people into REAL buyers using a system that works!

This enables you to achieve the kind of SUSTAINED success you’ve always dreamed of.

Because I’m one of the nation’s top consultants for both large and small businesses, I’ve been frustrated by how much theoretical junk is out there.

Stuff that sounds good in a seminar, but doesn’t work in the real world.

Here’s a Secret No One Wants to Tell You…

Marketing for a Smaller Business
is Very Different than
Marketing for a Larger Business!

I learned this the hard way, by screwing up for my dad early in my career. Quickly I realized that big-company tactics and rules – the kind of stuff most schools teach – don’t apply to smaller and struggling businesses.

That’s why this program was created.

Instead of half-baked theories, these are real world tactics that have turned more than 200 small and mid-sized businesses into great successes, often beyond the owner’s wildest dreams.

This applies to home-based businesses and also, to growing enterprises, even with hundreds of employees.

Do you have an Internet-based business? Or a retail, manufacturing or distribution business? Or do you offer a product ore service? Are you a writer or an information provider?

It makes no difference.

This works with virtually any type or size of businesses, and covers five core areas:

1. YOUR STRATEGY – the (often forgotten) most critical part. Here’s where you define the one or two competitive elements that get people wanting to actually buy your product or service, (without your needing to spend a fortune on marketing);

2. YOUR MARKETING PLAN – where you lay out your income goals and how precisely to achieve them;

3. YOUR DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS – critical for many businesses, this is something you’d better get right;

4. YOUR MEDIA AND METHODS – where you let a massive number of customers know about your product or business, without having to invest a fortune (often spending almost nothing); and

5. YOUR QUICK-LAUNCH – where you hit-the-ground-running, with the hottest techniques from our numerous online and live marketing programs.

By using this time-tested system, you’ll understand not just how to attract your most valuable customers, but how to get them to actually buy from you – without needing to hire a high-priced supposed specialist who may or may not know what he or she is doing.

This program is based on 200 small companies that rose to defy the ordinary and become extraordinary.

If you follow these principles, you will find it easier to attract and retain paying customers and generate amazing profits for yourself.

Too often I see people who have spent a fortune on expensive training, websites, marketing plans, advertising and more, only to have nothing to show for it.

The Twist Test™ helps you overcome all that because you apply the Twist Test™ BEFORE you complete your Marketing Plan (or for many people, it replaces the marketing plan completely).

It’s like having one of the world’s top marketing professionals as your personal coach, to sit beside you and show you exactly what you need to do, to grow your business.

Packed with templates, video explanations and easy fill-in forms that you can complete and save on your computer, the Twist Test™ is the missing link for most Marketing Plans.

And it’s so powerful, used alone or combined with our 9-Step Marketing Plan, that you will dramatically increase your customer base, in most cases with little or no additional cost – Guaranteed or Your Money Back!


Here’s How it Actually Works…

To help you gain large numbers of highly profitable customers without spending a fortune on wasteful marketing, here are more specifics on how the Twist Test™ works…

You start by identifying your most lucrative customers.

(Hint: Who would love to buy from you if they only knew where to find you?

Do you truly understand how these people are different from everyone else?)
Next, you eliminate their buying obstacles so it's easier for these customers to buy from you.

(Hint: Are you aware of the six primary obstacles that prevent more people from buying your product or service?

Many people believe the main obstacle is price, but the real answer may surprise you.)

Then, you identify the one or two "twists" that will dramatically increase the attractiveness of your product or service to these buyers.

(Hint: Have you ever peered into the mind of your most lucrative customers, to understand the "tie-breaker" that separates one product from another to them?)
Lastly, you build a custom marketing campaign around these specific buyers.

(Hint: How much are you wasting trying to win customers who will NEVER buy from you?

What if you could spend dramatically more time and effort with REAL buyers?)

From here, you create a professional Marketing Plan, which includes a schedule of all the CONVENTIONAL and GUERRILLA techniques you will use to attract and sell these customers.

(Hint: If you had almost no money to spend, how could you still attract all the customers you need?)

With this unique program you will be guided through every step, from PRICING your product or service to establishing your POSITIONING, defining you MESSAGE, budgeting, and SELECTING and SCHEDULING THE RIGHT MEDIA and METHODS based on your budget, goals and ambitions.

Did you ever wonder why some people
seem to make a ton of money while
everyone else is struggling?

Unlike other Marketing programs, the Twist Test™ is based on the actual tactics from hundreds of people who started with little and grew their sales dramatically and consistently, often beyond their wildest dreams.

These are people who chose an approach that was a little different than everyone else. Often with almost no money, they were able to transform a moderate business into an amazing success.

People like this…

Paul Orfalea / Kinkos Photocopy Centers -- He located his tiny photocopy store across from a university. Then, [unlike other copy stores] he discovered a secret about his customers that no one else realized.

So he created a really "simple" strategy to take advantage of this secret, and it made him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams! A tiny strategy that generated a ton of customers.

RESULT: A continuous flow of paying customers at almost NO cost

...because he understood his customers better than others did.

Mary Hudson / Hudson Oil -- Six months after her husband was killed in a car accident, this single mom borrowed a few hundred dollars from her dad to open her first gas station (she leased an abandoned one).

To save money [unlike other gas stations at the time] she did something just a "little" different than everyone else.

She eventually had 300 stations, an oil refinery, and personal wealth beyond her dreams.

RESULT: A tiny strategy that generated a ton of customers for every location she opened an insurance policy to make sure each location made money.

Jeff Bezos / -- He started an Internet company to sell books. Because he had no money for advertising [unlike other web businesses at the time] he offered a commission if people would sell his products on their websites.

RESULT: A tiny strategy that generated millions in free advertising - and created a FREE sales force.

David Friend / Carbonite Computer Files Protection -- He started a tech company to protect people's computer files. [Unlike other computer backup companies] he made it easy and safe to buy and use over the Internet.


Customers still didn't buy because they didn't "trust" his company... until he did one simple thing to win them over.

Once he removed their "buying obstacle", the floodgates opened wide. Suddenly, more than a million customers signed up for a $59-per-year service (that's $59 million a year!).

RESULT: A tiny strategy that generated a nonstop flow of customers.

By choosing an approach a little different than everyone else and filling a need that no one else recognized, these people earned better-than-average results… and so can you!

But wait! You say.

These are big companies with ambitious people. This couldn’t work for me.

But applying simple twists like these can help virtually every business, even yours!

Whether You Want to Earn a
Massive Fortune Or Just a Decent Living…
It Makes No Difference

Why struggle when success could be just a twist away.

Come and join the elite group of people who understand the difference between moderate success and a continuous flow of income.

Regardless of the size or type of business you have, the Twist Test™ will guide you through everything you need to identify, attract and sell you most lucrative customers.

From there you can decide how far you want to extend your success.

This unique marketing program will enable you to succeed quickly and safely, without spending a fortune on unnecessary marketing and advertising that looks good on paper but does NOT deliver the results you want.

Developed from 35 Years
of Real-World and Internet
Hands-On Experience

For more than 35 years I’ve been one of the few in-demand Marketing, Management and Strategic Planning consultants in America serving both large and small businesses.

From the early days, my clients have included divisions of Kraft Foods, Timex, Avon Cosmetics, Abbott Laboratories, Seagram’s, Litton, Kal Kan pet foods, Tenet Healthcare, Amgen and many others.

Later I worked with hundreds of smaller firms, Internet businesses and dozens of home-based entrepreneurs. This gave me a great understanding of the difference between marketing for smaller and larger businesses.

As a Workshop Chairman for SCORE, the resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, I got to share these tools and strategies through state-of-the-art business training and coaching for more than fifteen hundred businesses of all size and type.


Quickly these marketing and Internet workshops became major sold-out events, often with hundreds of attendees per session.

And now for the first time, with these Videos and Action Guides, you can go through all these powerful techniques and exercises for your product or business in the comfort of your own home or office.

Why Has This Been So Popular?

…Because it Works for Real People
and Real Businesses

Like most consultants and supposed experts, in the beginning I faked it.

I used what I learned from school combined with a little horse sense. In effect, my clients became my guinea pigs and I experimented plenty on them.

But eventually, I discovered that a few strategies and tactics worked almost all the time with virtually every business, while others could be molded for extraordinary results.

Here are a few of the hundreds of successes from my unique methods over the years, in their own words…



Dramatic Growth -- Our Business
Grew Five Times
its Size in a Single Year
by Making Small Changes

"[Your process] helped us keep everyone working together, sticking to their commitments, and focusing on the same targets."

Paul Hendel,
Partner, Kenco Construction


Even His Own Wife's
Income Skyrocketed

"Our Internet profits shot up from zero to the highest income we've ever earned because of the changes we made. It was amazing!"

Pam Elger-Bond,
PetProHealth Internet Pet Supplement


Transformed Our
Almost Bankrupt Business to
Amazing Growth

"You brought discipline, forced us to be focused, and brought ideas to the table we wouldn't have thought of, such as all the businesses we could be in...

Most of the growth we're seeing is related to the [new] area you helped us develop, so this process has been important."

Tom Patterson,
Litton Enterprise Solutions (div. Litton Industries)


Not just Valuable
Marketing Advice

But Passionate Encouragement

"The passion and diligence James brought to our mastermind group was truly inspiring.

If you are looking for offline marketing help, online marketing help or just someone to help encourage you to achieve your dreams, James is your man."

Ricky Powell

Supervising Associate Director, NBC Universal
Founder, Lifelong Happiness


Out-of-the-Box Ideas
Expanded My Business
into New Opportunities

"James has given me the best advice, that even top PR/marketing people never were able to give me.

His vision and enthusiasm have helped my business grow not only financially but also creatively by opening exciting new avenues.

He is the most creative, "Out of the box" marketer I have ever come across. He NEVER runs out of the best ideas!"


Art Photographer to the World's Top Celebrities


The Simplified Business Definition
Made My Business
Much Easier to
Attract Customers

"Jim's guidance has been indispensable in helping me redefine my business so it's much easier for people to buy from me."

Gordon Durich,
Media and PR Specialist
Producer / Screenwriter


Valuable Help with Both
Internet and

"James is not only immensely knowledgeable in the area of Internet and conventional marketing, he is very generous with his time and expertise. He is genuine and motivational.

My company benefited from his guidance during the 2 years he assisted me. Don't hesitate to become a client, you will benefit from his resources."

Julie Lusk,
Noted Speaker and Author,
Previous College Dean, Inventor of Desktop Yoga®,


Encouraged Me to
Earn Even More

"James Bond is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to marketing products on the internet. He continues to impress me with his sales, testimonials and expertise. He is my "go-to" guy when I get stuck and need help and feedback on my projects."

Neal Bertrand,
Author and Publisher,
Cypress Cove Publishing


Hardest Working and
Marketing Coach

"James is one of the hardest working marketing coaches I've ever experienced. His passion and knowledge make all the difference."

Robin Thompson

Author, TV Celebrity and Money Coach

To Help You Gain the
Greatest and Fastest Benefit…

I’m Including Both the Twist Test™
and The 9-Step Marketing Plan

To give you all the tools to help you reach your goals quickly, I’m including both The Twist Test™ and The 9-Step Marketing Plan.

This way, THE TWIST TEST™ first gets you to develop and sharpen your unique, customized competitive advantage.

Then, THE 9-STEP MARKETING PLAN gets you to lay out the details – how specifically you’ll reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. This includes all the tactics, budgeting and scheduling you’ll need to achieve the results you want, at a minimal expense.

And the Action Guides and Videos make it easy and fun.

It’s a really easy system. Here’s what you get…

Part 1: The Twist Test™
(to sharpen your strategic edge)

The Twist Test™ Action Guide takes you step-by-step through…

  • Identifying your most lucrative strategic customers,
  • Making it easier for them to buy from you, and
  • Identifying and sharpening your unique sustainable competitive edge.

This Guide contains EZ-Fill forms for the three video programs:

1. The 5 Questions (Video Program)

  • A strategic overview of your business through five key questions.
  • What do You Sell, To Who, How is it Used, What are You Competing With, and Why Yours?
  • Many people say this alone is worth the cost of the entire program – by helping them uncover opportunities for incredible growth that are often overlooked.

2. How to Eliminate Buying Obstacles (Video Program)

  • Providing the six most common Buying Obstacles that prevent most people from buying.
  • Including examples and strategies to overcome each obstacle, to make it easier for your customers to buy from you.
  • You’ll discover why people are not buying, and how overcoming just one of these could cause an avalanche of new buyers.

3. Sharpening Your Competitive Edge (Video Program)

  • Tools and techniques to create and strengthen your unique Competitive Advantage.
  • Loaded with examples, case studies and strategies of simple and dramatic ways to give your product and yourself a game-changing competitive advantage.

Once you’ve completed the 3 parts of the Twist Test™ Action Guide, you will have a clearly defined advantage and specialized tools for attracting your most receptive and lucrative buyers.

In effect, attracting and selling your most lucrative customers will suddenly be much easier.

Part 2: The 9-Step Marketing Plan

This is a professional format Marketing Plan, to identify the Strategies, Tactics, Tools, Media, Methods and Schedules to achieve your goals, including:

  • Action Guide and Video;
  • Charts & Easy Fill-In Forms;
  • 9 Simple Steps to an Effective Marketing Plan;
  • Marketing Mix Checklist (more than 160 conventional and guerrilla tactics on a single form);
  • Media, Sales Promotion and Publicity Worksheets;
  • Budgeting, Calendar and Forecasting Worksheets;
  • Market Research Tools and Techniques;
  • And much more!

But That’s Not All!!!

Act Now and You’ll Also Receive
These Amazing Bonuses!

Sample Marketing Campaigns

Eavesdrop on how other businesses market. Here are summaries of the marketing media and methods from dozens of individuals and businesses.

This is a virtual cheat sheet of ideas on how other businesses attract their customers.

  • A marketing cheat-sheet for 132 different types of businesses.
  • Everything from Accounting and Bookkeeping to Consultants, Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Sports and Fitness Clubs, Tutors, Word Processing and much more.
  • Your competitors won’t have any idea why your revenues are suddenly growing so fast.


Media & Methods Grid – an EZ-Fill checklist that you can fill out and save on your computer.

For decades, people have been asking for a simple shopping list of virtually all the conventional and guerrilla marketing tools available, and here it is!

Now, for the first time, you can go through a checklist of conventional and guerrilla techniques (creating a first-pass marketing plan by simply checking a few boxes).

This guide alone could be worth thousands of dollars in helping you uncover the few “hot” marketing tools and media that will generate a continuous flow of customers for years or even decades.

And it’s yours free when you order The Twist Test™ complete program for attracting and retaining the most profitable customers for your product or business.

But you need to act now!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you.

I believe you will find this to be the best marketing program you have ever used.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself for up to 60 days.

Use The Twist Test™ Videos and Action Guide, The 9-Step Marketing Plan guide and video program, and the other bonuses.

If you don’t find this to be the most powerful, relevant, easy-to-use process for building your business, I’ll give you your money back.

It’s that simple!

However, if you are delighted with the quality and value of this program, I invite you to post your questions, comments and discoveries on our forums.

In this way you could help my team and me provide even greater benefit to others like you who are searching for a simple system to attract and retain paying customers.

You Get all This for One Low Price.
But You Need to Act Now…

With this offer you can now have some of the hottest professional marketing guidance available today, without having to pay a high-priced consultant.

Nothing like this has ever been offered before. Professional quality state-of-the-art Videos and Action Guides, now at an incredible value.

Increase Your Paying Customers
Without Losing Your Shirt
on Wasteful Marketing!

For a limited time, all this is available at the special low price of *$97 to help us build critical mass for this incredible training.

You could be just a click away from more customers, higher sales, better profits, and greater success with this unique powerful Marketing program.

But you must act now. This is a limited offer…



Order this entire program today and start enjoying better results tonight.

Whether yours is a large enterprise or a small business, this unique program will help you increase your flow of customers, boost your revenues and skyrocket your profits, better than just about any Marketing program you will find.

P.S. Remember, your investment is fully protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

P.P.S. If you order today you will also receive all these bonuses:
Sample Marketing Plans,
The Marketing Grid absolutely free.

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