If you want more clients... but you hate selling
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I'm James I. Bond, one of America's leading experts in Behavioral Management, having  worked with some of the largest organizations in the world. But it wasn't always that way.

I used to hate selling.

Then, with two simple changes in how I present, suddenly, influencing, persuading and selling just about anyone became easier than I ever thought possible. In fact, for the first time in my life, selling actually became... fun!

In my presentations, I was able to put the focus on the other person and not me, and winning clients, persuading friends and co-workers, and even personal relationships, became dramatically easier than I ever thought possible.

These techniques are so simple yet so profound, they changed my life forever (just as I believe they will for you). Besides major improvements in my personal life, my income skyrocketed into seven-figures for the first time ever.

Now, I'd like to share these techniques with you.

Like the thousands who have already experienced this important program, I believe your life will be transformed in ways you never expected.

Learn "Verbal Self-Defense" And Watch Your Ability to Sell and Persuade Skyrocket!


Verbal Self-Defense teaches you how to defend your ideas - so you can win more arguments and close sales easier and faster, using the decision-centers of your listener's brain.

You've never seen anything like this before!

Kathleen Gallavan

Frankly, these types of skills aren’t learned in school…

Kathleen Gallavan Director, British General Electric (division)

Our author has been featured by major media for more than three decades

This advanced BEHAVIORAL TRAINING program teaches you how to win clients and close sales faster and easier - with Brain Glue™

Verbal Self-Defense includes the highly popular IN-fluence program – that teaches you How to Influence, Persuade and Sell Anyone!

Have you ever struggled to get someone to accept your ideas or buy your product or service?

How would you like to suddenly be able to persuade your boss, your clients, and just about anyone, almost INSTANTLY?

If you've ever struggled to close a sale or get someone to accept your ideas, help is finally on the way, with this breakthrough in human behavior!

Cut your stress of selling!

Starting in just the first few minutes you will already be learning the "Principles of Persuasion," and how to use them to convince and sell almost anyone. 

From friends and family members to prospects and clients, you could suddenly be enjoying more stress-free, predictable and FUN ways to get people on your side and buying from you... whether it be face-to-face, from your website, from your ads and emails and more! 

Why struggle when this could make your ability to get a YES so much easier!!!

Closing Sales Has Never Been This Easy!

Here for the first time is a simple (and fast) way to transform yourself into almost a genius of persuasion, using something called "Brain Glue!"

Brain Glue is the secret ingredient

Why do some videos go viral? Brain Glue is the reason.

Why was Apple’s legendary founder, Steve Jobs, so persuasive? Again, Brain Glue. 

He knew how to create words and phrases that stuck in the brain like glue.

So how about you?

If you'd like to be as persuasive as Steve Jobs, this program will give you an edge unlike anything you've experienced before.

But don't just take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

Recorded live to a sold out audience -- From one of the nation's leading Behavioral Management specialists comes this powerful secret in human behavior.

What if suddenly, you were better at persuading your clients, your coworkers, your family members and just about everyone else, on virtually any topic? And what if you could do all that starting tomorrow?  Would that change your life?

(Now you're starting to understand why this is so popular)

Finally... Crack the Code On Why People Say NO to You

For example, did you know...

A person can stay mad for up to 36 hours!  

Why is this a problem?

Because it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to sell someone who's mad.

Get mad or scared, and your bloodstream gets flooded with Cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone. Sadly, this hormone stays in your bloodstream for up to 36 hours.

Meaning... if you're trying to sell someone who's been mad or scared by anything in the past 36 hours, it's almost impossible to get them to say YES, even if your idea or product are incredible.

Unless you do this...

Do you know how to suddenly make your listener receptive to your idea or product, even when their body is loaded with Cortisol?

(I think you'll laugh at how easy this is... and how often it works!) 


Or how about this...

Could a single question make
closing your sale much easier?

Absolutely Yes!

Students have told me how, having a strategic "power-question" suddenly made closing sales easier, faster (and less uncomfortable) than they could ever have imagined, and enabled them to generate higher and easier incomes for themselves!

How about you?

Could you imagine trying to persuade anyone and loving it, simply because you knew without a doubt that the other person was going to say YES?

This is so easy, I think you're going to be surprised.

In fact, armed with a few of these "power questions," students have exclaimed to me that their sales presentations have finally become fun for the first time ever, which they never expected could even remotely be possible.

All it takes is a few slight changes to how we present our ideas and products. It's amazing!

Yes, it only takes one or two simple changes
to radically simplify your ability to get what you want

Gordon Durich

Jim’s guidance has been indispensable in helping me redefine my pitch so it’s much easier for people to hire me.”

Gordon Durich Media and PR Specialist, Producer and Screenwriter

I guarantee that learning a few secrets about how the brain works will instantly simplify your ability to influence, persuade and sell just about anyone... in ways you never expected


For example, here's one of the easiest ways to persuade someone...

"Start where they are (their beliefs), then bring them to where you are (your idea or product)."

This is one of the simplest, most powerful (and rarely used) ways to get someone to say YES to you. Do you know how to use it? Learning this profound technique is easier than you may realize.

But there's more!

Eye Contact!
YES... eye contact can sometimes hurt your ability to persuade? Do you know when?

Instant Credibility!
YES... there is something you could say right at the start that will get your listener believing EVERYTHING you say from that point forward. Do you know what? 

Presentations That Grab!
YES... there is a simple way to keep your listener's attention and interest, even if they were initially resistant. Do you know how?

And YES, this is just the beginning.

Crack the code on why people say NO to you.

With just a few simple changes like these, you can suddenly start generating so much additional income and a much greater sense of fulfillment, that it will forever alter the way you present your ideas and sell your products.

Here for the First Time... Are the 21 Power-Tools of Human Motivation that Will Simplify How You Get a YES

For more than two decades, I've worked with dozens of the world's leading organizations... teaching hundreds of executives and key people these simple techniques, many that can be learned in less than five minutes.

This is about giving you the tools of "Behavioral Management" that few people understand.

Before you send another email or meet with another prospect, click the link below and start closing deals like never before, using these incredible secrets.

Why struggle when doubling and even tripling your sales could be so much easier... by learning a few simple techniques

Paul Hendel

Forget double. We multiplied our sales to five times its size in a single year with Jim’s help!

Paul Hendel Partner, Kenco Construction
Jim Swieca

“I had the privilege of attending James’ (workshop)… What I was most impressed with is his common-sense approach.”

Jim Swieca Impress Communications

Limited Offer: Get this today and notice how much easier it suddenly becomes to persuade and sell just about anyone, anywhere, anytime!

VERBAL SELF-DEFENSE - with - How to Influence, Persuade and Sell Anyone 

Includes more than 2 1/2 hours of live-recorded videos (divided into short 2-4 minute segments, so you can quickly start applying it), an Action Guide, Fast-Start Tips, and Techniques you can start using almost immediately!

Look at all that’s included…

  • The Power of IN-Fluence™
  • The Comedy of Persuasion
  • Quick-Start Secrets
  • Setting "Expectation"
  • 7 Tools of Instant Credibility
  • 6 Reasons People Say Yes
  • 7 Tools that Win a Yes
  • Applying This to Your Life
  • Additional Resources

Here's a sampling of what you'll learn in just the first few minutes

You'll learn how to...

PREPARE YOUR LISTENER TO SAY YES: by instantly putting your listener at ease in a way that increases the chance of a YES by 300%

SOLVE A DEEPER WANT: by pre-framing your product, service or idea as the ONLY solution to a deep seated desire in your listener, that few others recognize

BYPASS NEGATIVE TRIGGERS: by exposing the "triggers" that are accidentally turning your listener off and learning how to avoid them

CREATE INSTANT TRUST: with the 20-second "Truth Tool" that gets your listener trusting you from that moment forward

TURN NO INTO A POWERFUL YES: by learning how to "Boomerang" their NO into an instant YES without feeling like you’re “selling”

EYE CONTACT MYTH: Is eye contact always the best strategy? Discover the surprising place you should look, to instantly increase your credibility 

CATCH OBJECTIONS BEFORE THEY BITE: Easily overcome your listener's concerns without ever needing to “handle” objections

OPEN YOUR LISTENER'S MIND: Get your listener to be 100% open to your idea or proposal, even if they were initially opposed

(You'll learn how to open your listener's mind just a crack, so they are willing to consider something they were against)

And more!

Here's why this program works so well and so fast.

It introduces you to the psychology of WHY people do what they do.

Through these simple techniques, your interaction with everyone in your life will suddenly become easier, in ways you never expected, giving you near super-powers of persuasion that you never thought you could have.

Guaranteed or your money back!

You WILL win more clients and persuade more effectively... or your money back!

60-Day Unconditional Guarantee...

Like the crowds of people who have already gone through this program, I believe you will find this one of the most valuable programs you have ever experienced. 

But don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself. If you don't find this to be some of the most valuable information and techniques you've ever learned, let me know within 60 days and you will receive a full refund.

It's that simple!

Order now and you'll also receive these two bonuses

BONUS #1: The ONE-Client Breakthrough

(Video and Action Guide)

Turn ordinary clients (and even your boss) into massive income generators with The ONE-Client Breakthrough. This is an exclusive blueprint that explains the 3 easiest ways to generate so much income from a single client, you may never bother going after another client again.

It introduces you to an innovative way to capitalize on the opportunities that most of us haven’t even noticed, and how to use them to generate a much larger income for yourself, often with the clients you may already have.

BONUS #2: How to Answer Tough Questions with EASE!

(Quick-Action Guide)

Have you ever been asked a question so tough, you weren’t sure how to answer it?

In HOW TO ANSWER TOUGH QUESTIONS with EASE… I’ll show you how to escape the clutches of these “trick-and-trap” questions, so you don’t get trapped, uncomfortable, or left at a psychological disadvantage.

You’ll learn seven strategies that enable you to take control, without being put on the defensive, and without offending… even if the other person is trying to make you look bad.

These are among the most effective ways to deal with a “trick-and-trap” question, derived from behavioral psychology, and even from politics.

Let me show you how to win more clients, close more sales... and even, win more arguments, by learning a few “rarely mentioned” techniques of human persuasion.

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About the Program and the Author

Verbal Self-Defense, using IN-fluence - The Art and Science of Persuasion, is a revolutionary program that offers you a unique set of skills that can boost your ability to influence, persuade and sell just about anyone, anywhere, anytime... unlike anything you've experienced before.

Developed by one of America's leading behavioral management specialists, here for the first time is one of the fastest ways ever to learn how to persuade and sell without needing the repetitions and practice that the best sales-training programs require.

Here's a sampling of the major companies the program's creator has worked with over more than three decades

About the Program's Creator and Author

James I. Bond is a "Behavioral Management" specialist, who has spent more than 35 years as a marketing, management and strategic planning consultant.

He's worked with hundreds of businesses of all size and type, from startups and home-based businesses to divisions of Fortune 500 companies.

For thirteen years, he also ran one of Southern California's leading behavioral management firms, employing psychologists and business consultants.

He is a popular workshop presenter and past workshop chairman for the resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Early in his career, James was president of a regional advertising agency in Canada serving Fortune 500 and smaller businesses.

Personally, besides being a father and husband, he is founder of The Father-Daughter Project and author of The Secret Life of Fathers, heralded by Fortune magazine as a "breakthrough relation book".

BTW He shaved his beard recently, so you'll probably see images of him with and without the beard, throughout the program. 🙂

Here are a few reviews for Jim Bond's powerful and often unexpected processes

Mike Scotto

Jim Bond is one of those rare... specialists who can combine years of experience and expertise with common sense, and put it all in a way and language that even the least knowledgeable can understand and use.

Mike Scotto, SCORE National Advisory Council, Past Director of Marketing, JC Penny (division)
Dr. Ryan Sharma

Mr. Bond’s presentation... was superb. His advice was straightforward, clear, comprehensive, and practical.

His sense of humor made learning... easy and enjoyable.

Dr. Ryan Sharma, Director of Clinical Training (Major Southern California University)
Kathleen Gallavan

Amazing. Frankly, these types of skills aren’t learned in school...

Kathleen Gallavan, Director, British General Electric (division)
Tom Patterson

You brought ideas to the table that we would never have thought of...

Tom Patterson, Director, Litton Industries

Click now, and start using these amazing methods today!

All the best,

James I. Bond
President and Founder,
IN-Fluence™ – The Art and Science of Persuasion!
(U.S. Management, LLC)


Remember, nothing like this exists anywhere. This is the first time this complete Verbal Self-Defense package is available, all new, and including: 1. How to Influence, Persuade and Sell Anyone, 2. The ONE-Client Breakthrough, and 3. How to Answer Tough Questions.


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