The DOOR-OPENER BootCamp for Coaches™ is three programs in one:

  1. The DOOR-OPENER BootCamp's video training program with Action-Guide;
  2. TASKING – 3-Months of Weekly Group-Coaching Sessions (to keep you on-track and moving forward towards your business and personal goals); and
  3. RESOURCE LIBRARY – 3-Months Access to the Online Success Essentials website, with insider videos, articles and templates (to answer your questions and give you the info and tools to reach your goals).

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The fastest way to win clients without having to sell™

This Program Is For Coaches Who Hate Selling
But Want To Make A Difference In People's Lives

The DOOR-OPENER BootCamp for Coaches™ uses a foolproof method that transforms the selling process (which everyone hates) into a coaching process (which everyone loves).

Prospects will start telling you secrets they are unwilling to share with anyone else... secrets about how badly they need coaching to ensure they achieve their most important professional and personal goals!

You'll also learn how to attract ideal clients, so they are aware of you and what you offer.

Here Are Details Of What's Included In Each Part...

# 1. The DOOR-OPENER BootCamp for Coaches™

(Video Training with an Action Guide for Easy Application)

This includes three hours of video training, covering everything you need to win a continuous flow of great clients, faster and easier than ever before... without having to sell.

You'll learn:

  • How to develop a profitable specialty (if you don’t already have one);
  • How to instantly attract the best clients (where to go and what to do… Hint… no selling needed);
  • How to get the best price from your clients without having to stress or haggle;
  • How to package and price yourself to win incredible clients;
  • A powerful template that shows you step-by-step what to say in your presentations;
  • A simple trick that eliminates nervousness almost like magic (this works EVERY time);
  • How to use your business card as a powerful door opener;
  • How to use your passion to open the right doors;
  • Wow them with your expertise even before you say a word;
  • And more!

Plus, the program's Action-Guide will take you through simple exercises.

#2. TASKING – Group-Coaching Sessions Held Weekly

(Helping you put the training into action right away)

Tasking is the backbone of the program. It will ensure that you get rapid and dramatic results, without a feeling of overwhelm.

This was the core of our $1,600-a-person program (we charged $13,500 to companies for up to 5 people for just 8 weeks).

It has proven to be life-changing for many of the participants... just as it can be for you.

Plus... You'll Learn How To Facilitate Tasking™
For Your Own Clients

For the first month, your group of up to ten coaches and consultants will be professionally facilitated by me or one of my professional facilitators. This will ensure your results are jump-started, while demonstrating how the process works.

After the first month, your group will be facilitating the process for each other. This will strengthen your results while ensuring that participants get hands-on experience facilitating the process.

#3. The "Online Success Essentials" Resource Website

(Answering your questions and giving you valuable resources)

Online Success Essentials (OSE) is a resource-rich website with articles, training videos and templates from many of the world’s top coaches.

The content covers business coaching, life-coaching, advertising, Internet marketing, business development, behavioral management, social media, and more.

Since true success is more than just financial, OSE also covers emotional happiness and maintaining a balance in your life, as part of its content base.

Top Experts in Marketing and Personal Development

Here's a sampling of the many experts who have contributed.

Topics include:

  • Joint-Ventures and Partnerships (everything you want to know, from where to find great partners to how-to-do-the-deal and more)
  • Stress-Free Selling
  • Becoming a Radio Rock-Star
  • Using Guerrilla Marketing to Attract Great Clients at a Tiny Cost
  • How to Attract Four New Clients in 30 Days
  • Website Magnets – More than a Dozen Ways to Bring Truckloads of Clients to Your Website, Often for Little or No Cost
  • Social Media Secrets (attract great clients without wasting your time and money)
  • Webinars and Teleseminars (including free and low-cost services you can start using right now)
  • Free Press Release Services That Will Tell the World About Your Product or Service
  • Product Creation Clinic – How to Create a Profitable Online Information Product in 5 Days
  • And more!

OSE has numerous articles that you'd have to pay thousands of dollars to get access to.

This is a 3-In-One Program for an Incredible Low Price

I'm committed to helping as many coaches as possible.

So instead of making this a $1,000 or even a $500 program, I've priced it to be affordable for just about everyone.

For all three parts, plus the one-on-one support...

... it's only $397.

Unfortunately, I can only work with a few coaches at a time, so you'll need to act fast.

And to ensure you love the program, I'm including a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All I ask is that you try it for up to 30 days. If this is not the most powerful coaching program you’ve ever gone through, let me know within 30-days and I’ll give you your money back.

It’s that simple.

Special Bonus... When You Act Now

As an incentive to get you to sign up right away, I'm also including this important bonus - High-Income Blueprint.

It includes quick guides and templates on...

  • Building a client funnel that attracts great clients;
  • Using more than a dozen Internet traffic sources;
  • Social Media checklists;
  • and more.

This guide alone is an important resource.

Order today and I'll include it with the program.

Note: This is an Instant-Access ONLINE course with Videos.

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Remember, space is limited so you'll need to act now!

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All the best,

James I. Bond
President and Founder,
DOOR-OPENER University for Coaches­™
(U.S. Management, LLC)


Remember, nothing like this exists anywhere. This is the first time this complete package is available, all new, and including all three: 1. the video program, 2. the Tasking™, and 3. the Online Success Essentials resources website.


You're protected with the iron-clad 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


With today's special offer you get the complete $2,694 program for just $397...

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